Antibiotic Drug Delivery

Drug Delivery Product Line

Local, tissue-specific drug delivery is a growing need for many therapeutic and regenerative medicine strategies.  Unfortunately, the majority of current biomaterial delivery vehicles are unable to provide desirable release kinetics, formulation options, degradation profiles, and/or biocompatibility characteristics necessary for successful drug delivery.  KeraNetics is developing an ideal solution to these problems with a system that resists enzymatic degradation and that can be formulated into a wide variety of carrier options with varying viscoelastic properties.  These formulations can also be tailored to provide short- or long-term release profiles for a wide range of drug chemistries.

Pre-Clinical Models Show:

  • Controlled release delivery system for a variety of drugs with various chemical profiles including: ciprofloxacin, neomycin, and others
  • Highly biocompatible; passed FDA ISO 10993 tests for immunogenicity, cytotoxicity, sensitization, systemic toxicity, and irritation