KeraStat® Cream: Better management of radiation dermatitis (RD)

KeraStat® Cream harnesses the power of keratin proteins to support the management of dry, light, and  moderately exuding partial thickness skin wounds such as radiation dermatitis resulting from a  fractionated radiotherapy regimen. KeraStat® Cream is FDA cleared and available in 1 oz. and 5 mL  tubes. Rx only.

At KeraNetics™, we understand there are many OTC and Rx products on the market that show limited efficacy. KeraStat® Cream has been developed to finally give you and your patients an effective solution for the management of radiation dermatitis.

KeraStat® Cream: Empowering clinicians to provide better care for radiotherapy.

By applying KeraStat® Cream after the first radiotherapy treatment, the patient should see a noticeably  shortened period of erythema. With continued use of KeraStat® Cream, our pilot studies of breast, head, neck and throat radiotherapy treatments produced later onset and less severe cases of dry and moist desquamation and ulceration. KeraStat® Cream can also be used on patients with skin and other cancers receiving radiotherapy.

For small treatment areas, a single 1 oz.
tube should last the duration of an 8-week
therapy session. Variation may occur
depending on the size of the treatment

When do you treat your patients for RD with KeraStat® Cream?

Patient skin biology is often different even when physical appearance is similar. In your practice, you  routinely see patients that may or may not develop significant symptoms of RD. KeraStat® Cream is a solution to manage these symptoms.

To get the best results, KeraStat® Cream should be used  prophylactically to help prevent the onset of RD and/or lessen the severity of symptoms. If your practice waits for symptoms of RD before prescribing treatment, KeraStat® Cream can still be effective.

KeraStat® Cream has been developed to manage the symptoms of RD and increase your patient’s  Quality of Life.

Directions for use during Radiation Therapy:

  • Start using KeraStat® Cream following first radiation treatment. Prepare the treated area by cleaning with warm water and mild, fragrance free soap.
  • Twice daily, express a small pea sized dab of KeraStat® Cream from the tube and cover the treated area and surrounding skin.
  • Lightly spread KeraStat® Cream to form a thin layer over the treatment surface and edges of uninjured adjoining skin. Ensure the entire treated area is covered lightly with the cream. KeraStat® Cream is not  meant to replace the patient’s daily moisturizing routine, which can be continued as directed.
  • Do not apply KeraStat® Cream four hours prior to a radiation session.
  • A secondary dressing may be applied if desired.


Purified water, glycerin, mineral oil, keratin,  caprylic triglyceride, dimethicone, sodium polyacrylate, hydrogenated polydecene,  trideceth-6, sodium stearoyl glutamate,  phenoxyethanol, and ethylhexylglycerin.


KeraStat® Cream is not indicated for full
thickness or third-degree burns. Please refer to full product package insert for additional  instructions for use.

KeraStat® is a registered trademark, and the product incorporates patented and/or patent pending  technologies owned by KeraNetics, Inc. Federal law restricts this device to sale by or on the order of a physician