Patents Estate

KeraNetics holds numerous patents for methods of purifying keratin proteins and for fields of use in regenerative medicine and trauma.

Exclusively Licensed Patent Estate from Wake Forest University: Well-Protected Technology

WFU Patents Patent Application Number Status
Clotting and Wound Healing 8,299,013 Granted
Clotting and Wound Healing 8,273,702 Granted
Clotting and Wound Healing 8,258,093 Granted
Bone Deficiency or Treatment 13/895,458 Pending
Keratin Bioceramic Compositions 11/549,992 Pending
Controlled Delivery System 13/042,126 Pending
Nerve Regeneration 7,439,572 Granted
Nerve Regeneration 13/008,136 Pending
Blood Plasma Expanders 7,439,012 Granted
Blood Plasma Expanders 8,021,830 Granted
Blood Plasma Expanders 8,637,231 Granted
Coatings and Biomedical Implants 12/278,641 Pending
Biomaterials for Ischemia 8,545,893 Granted


KeraNetics-Owned Patent Estate: Continued Innovation

KeraNetics Patents Patent Application Number Status
Methods for Extracting Keratin Proteins 14/234,648 Pending
Low Protein Percentage Gelling Compositions 14/238,672 Granted
Keratin Compositions Comprising Halofuginone 14/251,601 Pending
Dermal Fillers Comprising Keratin Biomaterials 61/915,913 Pending
White Keratin Compounds TBD Pending