Product Development Overview

A Multifaceted Product Platform

Keratins are a class of structural proteins with unique physical, chemical, and biomaterial characteristics. Our patented purification method produces keratin with unique properties unmatched by other purification processes. These properties are harnessed in a variety of products currently under development.



 KeraStat Advanced Wound Care and Burn Management

KeraStat Gel is FDA-cleared and indicated for advanced wound care management, including partial-thickness wounds and burns. This product is also being investigated for the local and topical delivery of small molecules.

KeraStat Cream is currently being evaluated by the FDA for indications that include radiation dermatitis.







Thermal Burn

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Radiation Injury and Radiation Dermatitis

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Small Molecule Delivery

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KeraGenics Tissue Regeneration


Keratin powder is currently under investigation in animal model systems of bone regeneration, nerve regeneration, and muscle reinforcement.






Bone Regeneration

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Nerve Regeneration

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Muscle Reinforcement

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