Thermal Burns

Treating with Kerastat

Burn Wound Classification

KeraStat is indicated for the management of partial thickness wounds caused by thermal insult.

This video provides a general understanding of burn classifications and the use of KeraStat in the care of these injuries.

Providing a Healing Environment

KeraStat Gel is a sterile, non-implantable, keratin-based hydrogel intended to act as a protective
covering for a variety of partial thickness dermal wounds. When applied, KeraStat Gel envelops the injury, absorbs excess exudate, and maintains a moist environment to facilitate recovery.

Indications for Use

KeraStat Gel is indicated for management of a number of skin traumas, such as:

First and second degree burns

Severe sunburns

Superficial injuries, cuts, abrasions, and incisions

Under the direction of a healthcare practitioner, KeraStat Gel may also be used in the management of:

Pressure ulcers (stage I – III)

Venous stasis ulcers

Ulcers caused by mixed vascular etiologies

Diabetic ulcers

Donor sites and grafts